Summer  2017
    Greetings all, summer is coming on and the Kelltones will be taking a brief break  with  only one show planned in June and THE BEACH  on our brain.

    The Spring lineup included Independent and Assisted Living Community shows and a couple of fun shows coordinating with the Encore Singers at The Friends House and Salem  United  Methodist  Church  supporting the Appalachian  Service Program. We were joined by local guitarist Bill Bates on these last two show s.  Bill played  Django  Reinhardt  guitar  lead on  "Minor Swing ”  in a very impressive fashion.

    We also did a duo gig at The Great Sage  as background music for this vegan restaurant  and  they were very hospitable to us.

    Coming up after  our June break  we have  The  Farmer’s and Artist’s Market in Olney,  The  Fall Festival at St. Luke’s and The River Hill Farmer’s and Artist ’s Market, plus some newer opportunities.  

    We continue to expand our  music al  toolbox.  The Gypsy Jazz music has proven very popular,  and a quick review shows us playing a variety of genres including:  Irish  &  St. Patrick’s Day, Scottish/English/Welsh, Jazz, Movie/Opera/Theater Music, Modern/Contemporary/Traditional American Folk, Winter Holiday, Originals & music of various cultures.  Something for everybody.

    Lastly,  don’t forget to  check us out  on Facebook for the latest information about our gigs and events and usually some cool pics from our gigs. Sorry, no puppies, babies or kitties (usually). The Facebook logo is on the upper right hand side of the pages of this website.





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