Fall 2016
Greetings everyone – The Kelltones continue into the Fall of 2016 performing shows at a record pace for our little band. We are currently doing regular shows at several Independent and Assisted living communities. We are also doing our traditional venues, Farmer’s and Artist’s Market in Olney, Fall Festival at St. Luke’s and River Hill Farmer’s and Artists Market plus some newer opportunities. A quick count shows we are on track to perform some 40 shows this year.

Our music toolbox has expanded. In addition to our mix of Celtic and traditional music the band is stretching out with contemporary, folk, 40’s lounge music, Reggae and areas like gypsy jazz and blues. Also featured are classic pieces such as “Moon River” and “Smile”. Instrumentation currently includes several folk harps, concertinas, whistles, large and small hand drums, bodhrans, ukulele, djembe, acoustic and slide guitars, hurdy-gurdy, 3 row button accordion and various percussion tools. All in all, a challenging and fun experience for the band and audience.   

In addition to our power-house singer, Chapin, we have been joined by Ms. Loralyn Coles, who brings voice and several instruments including guitar, ukulele and bodhran to provide additional depth to our band. Having Loralyn in the band also provides some scheduling flexibility to our increasing complicated schedule which mixes daytime, nighttime, weekend and weekday shows.

Finally, don’t forget to like us on Facebook for the latest information about our gigs and events and usually some cool pics from our gigs. Sorry, no puppies, babies or kitties (usually). The Facebook logo is on the upper right hand side of the pages of this website.




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