About Us

The Mighty Kelltones – guitarist Ralph Lillie, multi-instrumentalist Kathie Lillie and vocalist Chapin Vasilake - are a local band featuring Celtic, Folk, Contemporary and other flavors of music. The band is featured at many local events including museums fundraisers, farmer’s and artist’s market events and county sponsored events. The Kelltones also specialize in shows for independent and assisted living venues, and delight in bringing music to these communities.

Kathie Lillie

Celtic Harp, Concertina, Penny Whistle, Banjo, Pedal Bass and Vocals

Kathie Lillie: Celtic Harp, Concertina, Penny Whistle, Records, Banjo and Vocals

Encouraged to sing at an early age, Kathie has enjoyed listening, playing and studying music most of her adult life. Today, the Celtic harp has become her favorite instrument although she enjoys exploring other instruments and musical styles.

Ralph Lillie

Guitars, Percussion, Sound Engineering

Ralph Lillie: Guitars, Percussion, Sound Engineering

The original guitarist of The Mighty Kelltones, Ralph has been playing the guitar off and on since high school. Today he favors flat-picking and slide acoustic guitar styles. Retired from his day job, Ralph has attended classes at Omega Studies in Rockville, MD studying music production including recording technology and live sound support.

Chapin Vasilake

Vocals & Percussion

Chapin Vasilake

Chapin Vasilake is the featured singer in the Kelltones. She is a powerhouse vocalist and percussionist and has been known to wade into the audience and lead the crowd in dance! Her musical tastes are wide and include traditional, big band, folk, contemporary and other genres, and she is leading the band into fresh and novel musical areas.

Loralyn Coles

Vocals, Percussion, Ukulele & Guitar

Loralyn Coles

Loralyn Coles is a Wammie award winning DC area singer/songwriter who performs with the Mighty Kelltones as a backup singer. Her songs have been played on the radio in Australia, Canada, and across the United States. She has opened for musicians as diverse as Tom Paxton and gypsy jazz guitarist, John Jorgenson, and has shared the stage with Grace Griffith, and Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer. By turns heartbreaking, uplifting, and sultry, Loralyn sings songs from Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Blues and classic Country traditions along with her own songs. Switching from guitar to ukulele to bodhran (Irish hand drum) adds to the fun! Learn more about Loralyn at www.loralyn.net.

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